African Violet Photography
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 ~~You Decide Which Is Best--- Part Two~~ 
     Another basic decision we must make while photographing our African violets is background color.   Again, my personal opinion it that this will vary depending upon the plant's foliage and blossom colors and values.  Remember:  Hue is the color of the blossom, while Value is the lightness or darkness of that color.
     Below, we look at the same lighting conditions with the only difference being the value of the background.
     There is one variable I have found with my digital camera and it's auto settings.  I have not done any experimenting with the manual settings on the camera.
      There is a difference in CONTRAST using a dark or light background.  The photos with the black background have a greater difference between the lightest and darkest areas.  This is apparent in the following photos.  The second row contains enlarged sections.  (Note there is a bit of difference in the 'sharpness' of the blownup photos.... there was a bit of recorded camera shake using the black background, as was explained in a previous lesson.)
       This could be an area for further study......
Black Background
White Background
     There are many, MANY, areas worthy of study in African violet photography.  As ideas strike, there may be new lessons added here.  If anyone wishes to cover an aspect of African violet photography, conduct a series of experiments, share their tips and tricks, or just share their favorite African violet photos, please contact webmaster!
     It would be fun to have others submit lessons to be added here!  If there are conflicting opinions, or results----all the better!  Anyone up to the challenge?

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