Updated 5/12/05.
Hybridizing  African Violets
   Get your paintbrushes, tweezers, and plants ready, cause we are going for a ride!  YEEEEHAAA!
Off we go into  the fast lane of hybridizing.
photo of Ryan
      Good hybridizers have been doing this for years so we are going for the fast lane: the simple HOW TO'S! Then after that you can go into the slow lane (looking for new varieties that show distinctive characteristics).
      For now, we are just here to learn, practice, then perfect our new found art. I have been asked to spearhead this project. I am excited, thrilled, and my guns are smoking.
     We will be having lessons followed with questions and answers. Please try to stay on the topic, as there is so much to learn that this blabber mouth (me) might want to add too much too soon. If you ever get confused or lost, PLEASE ASK!
     We will be covering topics beginning with the simple to those more complex. The first lessons will be taught on  simple basics. Later on as the months go by, you will learn the advanced knowledge. By all means, experiment when you can.
      Topics covered will include:
  • Why Should I Hybridize?
  • Understanding the African Violet
  • The AV Flower and Sex Organs
  • Everything you wanted to know about Genes (this will probably be broken into several lessons)
  • AV Cross Pollination
  • Care of AV during Seed Production
  • Seed Harvest and Germination
  • Growing Out Your Seedlings
  • Determining if what you have produced is worthy to do further hybridization
  • Naming Your New Variety.
      This will be fun, educational, and a benefit to us all. I will be including a lot of science, but don’t fear;  I believe I have the ability to make it understandable. Soon we can all proudly raise our hands when someone asks "Are there any plant nerds in here?"  Just kidding!
      I look forward to getting to know you, your goals, and your dream African violet. And by all means when you have knowledge and experience, share it; just try to keep it on topic. I will not claim to be a "know it all".                    
All suggestions, questions, and ideas are welcome!
asstrix  Introduction
asstrix  Lesson One
asstrix  Lesson Two
asstrix  Lesson Three
asstrix Class Discussion
Ryan will create a
lesson, and announce it online.  Read the
lesson material,
ask any questions or
add your 'two cents'.
Try your hand at
some of the topics
discussed.  Above all,
have fun!

AV Seedpods

 copyright 2005 by Ryan  Ferre