Updated 1/29/2013

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Optimara Grenada
by JoAnn


Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four

Optimara Maine
by Bonny

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Optimara Michigan
by JoAnn

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by Nancy

Thanks to JoAnn, Bonny, and Nancy for the above photos.

 'Growing and Exhibiting African Violet Show Plants'

Are you saying: 
"I am not interested in learning how to show my African violets!"?  "I am just growing them for my own pleasure." or "I don't have time".  Maybe you are new to this hobby.

Left, Bergen County Court of Honor by Bob Berkenbush.
Photo by Fred C. Hill.

     However, 'Growing to Show' is an experience with wonderful benefits for all types of African violet growers.
     The course will consist of four lessons briefly explaining some of the basic terms and methods.  Each lesson will contain one or more 'assignments', which are not required, although they will prove fun and profitable.  Please read all material and links. 

Editor's Note:

    I have never entered a plant in an AV Show.  I have not attended a show.  So am I the right person to organize these lessons?  First, I call your attention to my 'title':  Editor.   I am acting merely as 'tour guide' through the lessons. 
    Second, I think there are several aspects of my 'African violet personality' that qualify me to act as editor.  I have a particular fascination with AV shows.  I have the greatest respect and admiration for those growers who year after year exhibit prize-winning plants.
    I also feel strongly that EVERYONE, even casual growers, will find something to use for their plants.... and enjoy the experience of learning!    I have 'grown to show' since the late 1980's when I purchased my first light stand.  The first ten years I seriously planned to attend the Billings, Montana club show.  Realizing spring ranch work reaches its peak in the same month as the club show, I have since set aside 'show plants' just for the fun of seeing how nice they look by show date.  I love to watch an average plant grow into a grand show specimen!     Please understand this course is merely an introduction to the subject and there is much more to learn and experience.  These lessons are a starting point; where you go from here is up to you!

--Mrs. John

    The term 'Growing to Show' is commonly used in many places but was made famous by Pauline  Bartholomew, author of Growing To Show.  Pauline has recently given all publishing rights of this book to the African Violet Society of America

We give credit both to Pauline and AVSA for the phrase:  Growing to Show.